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East Coast Thing is a long-running Heathen Festival for the East Coast region of the United States

The East Coast Thing,has been in existence since 1999, which makes it the longest running primarily Heathen/Asatru event in the USA. It is a place to meet new people, reunite and kindle friendships that will last for years. It is a place to worship, gain more knowledge, learn new skills, and have friendly competition with the like minded. It is a place  to purchase many diverse handmade items produced by other Heathens. While it has been in multiple locations and has had various organisers over the years, know that it is now  back with the original organizer and will continue to serve the Heathen Community, in all its shades and diversities. We will look forward to continuing this tradition and facilitating a great time to create memories that will last a lifetime.
 Hail the Gods!
Joe Marek, Gothi, Gladsheim Kindred.
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